8 Reasons Why You Aren't Losing Weight

 Trying to lose weight can be tough, so here at TLAathletics we’re here to help let you know how to do it efficiently. Below we listed our top 8 reasons on why you aren't losing weight faster. So check it out and if you have any questions, comments, concerns just contact us directly.

1. Reason number one.....You are not consistent! When it comes down to it consistency is key, if you want something bad enough work towards it.

2. You think you eat “healthy” but then when you write it down on paper....your macros, calories, food choices and even food portions are all over the place.

3. You rely on fat burners and other things that claim to be magic....smh , supplements make up less then 10 percent of the relative importance in your diet! (Side note: fat burners/fat loss pills are not medically approved. They also can be dangerous in high doses and cause mental health issues).

4. You look for short cuts and you want to lose weight as quick as possible! This is horrible, if you lose weight rapidly your body does not keep it off which is why you gain it back! You must take the little steps if you want to actually keep it off and if you cut rapidly you are destroying muscle!!! 

5. You prioritize cardio over weight lifting. Both are good, but there should be some kind of balance between them. However, lifting weights actually makes you lose weight faster! The more lean muscle you have the easier it is to lose weight because your metabolism enhances itself.

Also your body needs more calories to sustain the muscle so you lose weight easier from just getting swole.

6. You binge eat and eat lots of sugar. Stop fasting and then going all in on one meal! Instead try to spread your meals out throughout the day. Try to avoid overeating, refined sugar, greasy food, and things like white flour.

7. You need to be in a state of negative energy balance- this is achieved mostly through your meals, cardio and workout routine.

8. The biggest reason of all... you are not in a calorie deficit, at the end of the day if your not in a slight deficit losing weight is really hard, you can’t out run a bad diet no matter how hard or how good your metabolism is.

Author: Patrick Reckner- Certified Personal Trainer/ Sports Performance Specialist

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