Top 5 Exercises For Tricep Mass

Trying to build muscle can be hard, so we're here to help let you know which exercises to avoid and which ones you should use.

When lifting some exercises are more effective and worth your time. In today's blog I'm going to list some exercises and ways to go about training to give your triceps a better chance at growing.

So lets get right into it!

The triceps are actually a muscle that sometimes you’re working without even trying… In many exercises your triceps are being worked to a degree because they are a secondary muscle in all pushing movements. However, if you really want to target them then you should be working them directly.

To work them more directly it would be a good idea to better understand what their even used for. So to sum it up real fast the triceps function to help lock weight out and extend your arm. Now for me personally I’ve had much success growing my triceps using dumbbell overhead extensions and incorporating drop sets into them as well.

*Using any kind of overhead movement typically will target the long head of the triceps and help you gain more mass on your arms so workouts like this should not be ignored. *

Now we all know people love to workout their biceps but to actually get huge arms the triceps are what you should really be focused on. Your bicep muscles are so small and don’t need as much work as you think they do. The triceps are actually a larger muscle group versus those of your biceps, so your triceps have a lot of room for growth to make your arms look huge.

 So if you really want some big arms you can try adding in some of these workouts on an arm day or even after a chest/shoulder workout.

Here’s our list of some of the most effective tricep exercises listed below:

  1. Close grip bench
  2. Machine dip
  3. Skull crusher (flat or incline)
  4. Dumbbell over head extension
  5. Cable tricep pushdown


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Author: Patrick Reckner- Certified Personal Trainer/ Sports Performance Specialist


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