How Can I Make Gains While I Sleep?

Trying to build muscle can be expensive, so we're here to help let you know which supplements to avoid and which ones to take.

In today’s blog we're going to talk about a certain protein many people are unaware of when it comes to building muscle. I’m sure you’ve heard of whey protein before because it’s the most talked about in the gym, but have you heard of casein?

Well if you haven’t, casein is another protein supplement that you could possibly utilize for muscle building purposes as well. 

But what’s difference between the two?

Well, in general whey protein is typically very fast absorbing while casein is very slow! Whey typically goes into your bloodstream within an hour, while casein enters your body as a glob and slowly releases over the span of 6-8 hours so during periods such as sleep is when it’s the most effective.

Both supplements help build muscle, their just used in different situations. Since casein is slow digesting it makes it perfect for before bedtime or periods without eating!

Some people sometimes struggle to get a lot of meals in throughout the day and lack the protein intake they need so adding in casein will help with your total overall amount of protein for the day. Casein is taken at night because you’re going through a long period of not consuming anything so having casein present in your body will help preserve muscle.

Casein will help with recovery and reducing muscle breakdown. When we rest is when our body grows and repairs itself, so recovery is super important in building muscle. Casein is just a little trick you can use to help make that recovery time more effective.

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Author: Patrick Reckner- Certified Personal Trainer/ Sports Performance Specialist


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