Best Chest Exercise For Shape And Isolation

Trying to build muscle can be hard, so we're here to help let you know which exercises to avoid and which ones you should use. In today’s blog were going to cover only one chest exercise but it’s a good one to utilize. The exercise I’m referring to is the pec deck fly!

Pec deck flies are a great workout for overall chest development and can help you to increase mass. They help expand the chest primarily in the upper portions of the pectoral muscles.

Using exercises like these can be useful for your chest because you can isolate the muscle without having your triceps taking over. For example, when you’re doing any kind of press your triceps are being worked hard to a degree but not as much in a fly so you can get extra damage to your chest without any kind of limitation. Pushing exercises are great for the chest but some kind of fly variations should be incorporated into your workouts as well.

Incase you were wondering: Most machines in the weight room were actually originally created for rehab purposes: Eventually bodybuilders started using them because they realized how easy it was to isolate your muscles with them, this makes the pec deck fly a prime workout for increasing shape/size.  

A lot of times you should begin your workout with a compound lift such as a bench press for example and then process with fly’s later in your workout. This is a good way of training but as you become more advanced you can use flies for pre-exhaust or you can even superset them with other chest exercises as well.

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Author: Patrick Reckner- Certified Personal Trainer/ Sports Performance Specialist

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