Best Bicep Exercise To Help Grow Bigger Arms!

Trying to build muscle can be hard, so we're here to help let you know which exercises to avoid and which one’s you should use.

When lifting some exercises are more effective and worth your time, when building bicep mass one exercise that can be very beneficial is the straight bar curl. However, If the straight bar curl is too hard or causes pain you can always try an E Z bar curl instead. The E Z bar curl is still very beneficial as well but back to the straight bar curl for now, this exercise is prime for overall bicep development and here’s why….

Straight bar curls are great for increasing upper body mass and targeting the bicep brachii. A big reason on why their so effective is because this exercise works both functions of the biceps (supination and flexion of the elbow).

When your palms are completely facing up (aka supinated), which is a function of the biceps, then your biceps can function and contract more optimally.

There’s tons of curl variations and dumbbell workouts you can do but this exercise hits hard and you can load more weight with it as well. However, don’t get too excessive with the weight. You don’t want too much weight for bicep exercises, you shouldn’t be maxing out or throwing your back into it so work with rep ranges around 8-15 mostly and focus on the contraction.

(Just remember proper form is a must for any exercise but especialy with straight bar curls because risk of injury is high). 

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Author: Patrick Reckner- Certified Personal Trainer/ Sports Performance Specialist

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